Westmount's Arts Programs

Westmount School has a has a long history of supporting and developing the arts. We produce an annual extra-curricular drama production and have put on such shows as Vasilissa, Bony Legs and The Lorax (on hold due to Covid). The drama production is highly collaborative and sees all grades (K-6) playing a part in making the show successful.

Our arts programming also includes a comprehensive music program, and visual arts projects in each classroom. We are proud to display our student's work on our school walls!

Student Government

Our student government consists of an elected group of Grade 6 students that have been elected by their peers to represent the students at Westmount School. Our student government meets regularly with the principal and is responsible for a number of different tasks throughout the year such as planning school-wide spirit days, MC’ing assemblies, helping to run and organize community focused events such our Christmas food drive, tabulating house league points, and other various jobs around the school.

Being a part of the student government is an excellent opportunity for students to build leadership skills and to give back to their school and their community.


Classes that have a second library time on Friday get to enjoy several different stations that challenge their building abilities, their game skills and craft ideas. One of the most popular games is checkers with students always ready to challenge one another or even challenge their teacher. Lego and Duplo are the most popular building material, with some amazing creations being on display.  Our craft area is always busy with students working on reusing and recycling items and turning them into fun projects.  This has become a favorite time for the students and they are always disappointed if they don't get to come.  Each class will get four makerspace times throughout the year so it is always greatly anticipated.

Grade 6 Volleyball & Basketball Team

Westmount School offers Grade 6 students the chance to join our basketball and volleyball teams. We practice hard all season to develop the skills these students need to be successful on the court. Our season culminates with Grade 6 basketball and volleyball tournaments against other local schools.