Literacy & Numeracy

Academic Supports

Early Literacy (ELI) & Early Numeracy (ENI) Programs

The Early Literacy and Early Numeracy programs are division wide programs, designed for grade one and two students. The goals of these programs are to develop skills and enhance students’ abilities and successes in literacy and basic numeracy. Both programs are student-centered and focus on strategies that the student is able to bring to the reading and writing process and basic numeracy operations.  Students are picked based on teacher recommendations and then assessed by the E.L.I. or E.N.I. teacher to make sure they fit the program criteria. The E.L.I. and E.N.I. programs run all year and are split into two terms, with each group of students receiving the intervention program for one term.  Students in the program receive individualized teaching, with the goal of reading, writing and using these numeracy strategies taught to help them when in class.

Literacy Success

The Literacy Success program is a pull-out program supporting students in Grades 3 and 4. Once enrolled in this program, students received tailored reading support to help develop their reading abilities.  This program focuses on developing many literacy skills and strategies, and builds confidence and success in readers.

Emerging Readers

The Emerging Readers program supports students in grades 1 & 2 through guided reading and writing sessions each day.  Students work in small groups and progress through a series of leveled lessons that make natural connections to work being done in the classroom, and practice that is completed at home home. 

Building Passion for Literacy in the Library

Our Library

Westmount School's library is happy to offer many programs and opportunities to our students. It is a literacy hub in our school and offers students the chance to take part in read alouds, to become involved in extracurricular activities, and to find that perfect book. Students at Westmount School have access to hundreds of books that suit a variety of reading levels and reading interests.

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Happy faces and active minds in our library!

Book Fair

Our library holds a book fair twice a year to raise funds to help support initiatives within the space. During this time a part of the library takes on the life of a bookstore and invites students and parents alike to view the books. This fundraiser makes a difference by helping add more current books to our catalogue.