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Kindergarten Registration is Now Open!

Posted on January 21 2023

Click the image to be taken to the registration page.

Westie's News - January & February, 2023

Posted on January 10 2023


Westie's News - November & December, 2022

Posted on November 1 2022

Westie's News - September 2022 Newsletter

Posted on September 5 2022

Westmount School Grade 5 & 6 Hockey Program

Posted on May 14 2022

Westmount School's Hockey Program is back for the 2022 - 2023 school year. Learn more about what we offer by viewing the brochure and vireo below. 2022 - 2023 Brochure

Trickster Theatre Video Release!

Posted on March 25 2022

In February 2022 Trickster Theatre worked with students of Westmount School to create performances based upon the theme of "Go Green". We are happy to share the performances of our K-6 students in this…

Meet the Gym

Posted on March 10 2022

Westmount's gym is a place of learning, collaboration and sporting spirit. Come inside and "Meet the Gym" for a taste of engagement at Westmount School. #passionatelearners #wonderfulwestmount

Meet the Music Room

Posted on February 23 2022

You can't "beat" Westmount School's Music Program. Meet the Music Room and see how Westmount School infuses learning with engagement in our Music Program. #passionatelearners #inclusive #wonderfulwestmount…

Meet the Library

Posted on February 9 2022

What is the heart of Westmount School? It's our library! Meet our library; the place where our students learn, collaborate & innovate! #collaborative #community #thinkingculture

Wonderful Works of Westmount 2021 - 2022

Posted on January 27 2022

Welcome to our virtual presentation of the Wonderful Works of Westmount. We are happy to showcase the interests, talents and hobbies of our students. #wonderfulwestmount #community

Kindergarten Corner with Max & Luke

Posted on January 24 2022

How amazing is Westmount's PE program? Let's leave it to our kindergarten students to show you! Join Max, Luke and the kindergarten classes in this episode of Kindergarten Corner. #passionatelearners…

Kindergarten Corner with Jessie

Posted on January 19 2022

Join Jessie as she explores her learning in Westmount School's music program. Students in our music program have the opportunity to learn about instruments, song, dance, rhythm and much more! This program…